5 Destinations Snowbird RVers Love

If you followed our earlier advice about RVing the I-10 in the Southwest this winter, you may want to continue your trip! That journey ended in San Antonio, Texas, but now the days are getting longer and warmer and the motorhome will be wanting new adventures. Florida is fine any time of year, with temperatures already up in the 70s by springtime.

StorageCafe’s survey of ideal destinations snowbird RVers Love has locations both in The Sunshine State and on the way there. We pick up where we left off and look at the states that can be enjoyed by heading further east on Interstate 10. From Space City to JAX, via NOLA and The Heart of Dixie, there are plenty of fine beaches, recreational opportunities, and even historical experiences to enjoy.

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love #1: Texas Offers Space…. Also on Its Beaches

As your RV pulls out of San Antonio, where we left you last time, consider a trip to Houston to visit the Johnson Space Center, with exhibits from the US’s decades-long space program. If you want to stay in the area, consider the suburb of Friendswood, which has a reputation for safety and which StorageCafe considered the nation’s 9th best place for snowbirds — there are several RV parks in the area. For recreation, drive 40 miles southeast to Galveston Island, with its spacious and vibrant East Beach or the quieter Jamaica Beach to the west. Sea fishing trips are also offered.

Destinations snowbird RVers love like Texas Gulf Coast RV Parks

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love #2: The Big Easy Made Even Easier

New Orleans’ diverse heritage results in a legendary cuisine including gumbo and jambalaya, and then there is the music. NOLA is not only the birthplace of jazz, but blues, Cajun, and other styles are more than at home here — a stroll through the French Quarter will give you a taste. Mardi Gras, taking place on winter dates that vary each year, can of course be spectacular. You may need a rest! We recommend parking your RV in Slidell, 30 miles to the northeast, which has several campsites and achieved a top-100 rank as a snowbird destination, and then take a rideshare into town.

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love #3: Enjoy Mississippi’s and Alabama’s Beaches

Entering the State of Mississippi, the I-10 takes you to Biloxi, which has perhaps the most famous Gulf Coast beach in the area and March temperatures in the 60s and higher. There are several RV campsites in town where you can rest up. Consider a trip out to Ship Island, which was once the French colony’s equivalent of Ellis Island. To put more miles on the clock, make your stop further east in Alabama. After passing Mobile, dropdown 30 miles from the I-10 to enjoy a string of lovely coastal spots such as Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, which are complete with several RV campsites.

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love #4: Georgia — and Great Fishing — on Your Mind

You’re now entering the Sunshine State. You can make a detour to Lynn Haven, a suburb of Panama City which ranked as the 10th best snowbird destination and is near miles of white-sand beaches with swimmable springtime seawater temperatures. However, we’d like to take you just over the Peach State border for some sport. Lake Seminole, just a few miles north of the I-10, is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in these parts, famous for fishing catfish, bass, crappie, and other species, and the season lasts until May. There are RV campsites on the Florida side near Chattahoochee.

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love #5: Many RVers End Up in Florida!

March temperatures are in the 70s and seawater temperatures get to those levels in April. The I-10 ends in Jacksonville, where resorts down the Atlantic Coast like Daytona Beach — a top-100 snowbird destination — offer great beaches and a vibrant ambiance. Alternatively, try a Gulf Coast location like Dunedin, which ranked as the nation’s 3rd best snowbird destination, has several RV campsites, and is the point of access for romantic Honeymoon Island — so consider renewing your vows with your RV co-pilot! Keep any overflow of stuff you have built up during your travels in a nearby Tampa self-storage unit so you can enjoy a long 2nd (or 3rd or indeed 1st) honeymoon uncluttered.

Destinations Snowbird RVers Love

Many great RVing possibilities open up in the Southeast at this time of year, with not only beaches but also plenty of activities to enjoy. Florida in particular has more golf courses than you can imagine plus watersports like windsurfing. If you get hooked on one of these activities, you might want to keep the bulky equipment outside your motorhome — for example, there are a dozen or so Daytona Beach self-storage facilities, with unit sizes from 4’x4’ and upwards. You may want to book early, as the current enthusiasm for RVing among a wide range of people will probably continue in 2022. You could even find the perfect spot for retirement!

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What tool do RVers use to find the destinations snowbird RVers love?

What tool do RVers use to find the destinations snowbird RVers love? One of the best tools for this is RV Trip Wizard.

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