Your RV is NOT Locked or Secure Unless You Did This!

Many luxury RVs are delivered with the TriMark e-ASK electronic keyless entry systems that secure Access to passenger and basement doors. Keyless entry locks are a fantastic option available on RVs, but just changing your entry Code to your own private Code doesn’t mean your coach is secure!

We love the keyless entry system on our Class A Newmar Mountain Aire. When we took delivery of our coach, one of the options that we forgot to go through in all the excitement was how to change the entry Codes to our own private Codes.

I started researching how to change the Codes and learned that unless we change the Entry Code AND the Authority Code, then anyone who knows the Authority Code can get into our RV. Read on to learn how to make sure your RV is really locked and secure.

RVs Have Multiple Access Codes

Many luxury RVs are delivered with the TriMark keyless entry systems that secure Access to passenger and basement doors. These are the 2 different types of Codes that the electronic Access security keyless entry systems use:

  • Authority Code- The master Code that allows you to reprogram Access Codes. It does not unlock doors; it is only used to program new Access Codes.
  • Access Codes– Allows Access to the inside of the RV and the basements. You can program up to 5 different entry Codes.

Why Changing Your Keyless Entry Code Is Important?

Before keyless entry was introduced to the RV market, most RVs used the same key for 90% of the RVs produced! There’s also a universal key that allowed Access to RV doors so that salespeople could get in without carrying a million different keys.

We have heard several stories of people using their own RV keys to open their neighbor’s doors! It makes sense when you realize there are only so many different locks available, so the idea of adding keyless entry systems was great for the RV market.

When keyless entry became available, salespeople still needed to be able to get into the motorhomes. The simple solution is to deliver all RVs with the same standard entry Codes as selected by the RV manufacturers. Owners can then reprogram them once they take delivery.

Chances are, your RV shares the same factory Code as thousands of other RVs! To ensure the security of your personal belongings and safety, it’s very important that you change your RV entry Codes as soon as you take delivery.

Tip: Our RV keypad has 4 digits (1-4) and we use a 5-digit code, which means there are 1024 different combinations we could use to make our own private Code. This makes it pretty unlikely that we will run into someone who has the same Code as we do!

Why Have Keyless Entry Locks on Your RV

Keyless entry locks eliminate the inconvenience of carrying a key-ring with multiple keys or getting locked out of your RV if you lose your keys.

Another benefit of having keyless entry is that you can give an Access Code to a friend so they can check on your pets or secure your RV if you are unable to get back to your motorhome yourself.

How to Change the Authority Code on Your RV’s TriMark Keyless Entry Lock

I contacted TriMark and learned that there are a few different ways to change the Authority Codes depending on the model and year of your RV. In some newer model coaches that use the SilverLeaf Vehicle Monitoring System, you can change it in your SilverLeaf panel. This article addresses what to do if you don’t have that system.

If you don’t have a newer SilverLeaf, you can still change the Codes yourself by shorting one of the wires in the wiring harness to the keypad to put it into programming mode (this is a lot easier than it sounds!). Don’t worry, there’s no chance of getting shocked while doing this.

If you own a Newmar Coach as we do, they installed a button on the side of the steering console so you don’t have to short the wire.

Newmar TriMark Keyless Entry Programming

I contacted Newmar and received these instructions from them.

Step 1 is changing your Authority Code and Step 2 is changing your Access Code.

Step 1- Changing Your Newmar TriMark Authority Code (see below if your RV is not a Newmar)

Remember, the Authority Code has only one purpose- to allow you to change Access Codes.

If you don’t change your Authority Code from the Newmar factory default Code of 1,2,3,4,4 then anyone who knows that Code can enter the programming mode, change the Access Code and unlock your RV!

Your Authority Code must be 5 digits and should be different from your Access Codes.

  1. Turn on the ignition key to Accessory (on but engine not running).
  2. Find the programming button on the left side of your steering column and push it 3 times.
  3. You will know you are in programming mode when you hear a solid beep from the keypad outside.
  4. Enter your new 5-digit Authority Code TWICE on the keypad outside.
  5. The system will beep and you should be done!
  6. Turn off the ignition key and now you are ready to change your door Access Codes.

Step 1- Changing Your Trimark Authority Code if Your RV is not a Newmar

Remember, the Authority Code has only one purpose- to allow you to change the Access Codes. If you don’t change the Authority Code from the factory default Code set by your RV manufacturer, then anyone who knows that master Code can enter their own Access Code and gain entrance to your RV. Changing the Authority Code erases all previous Access Codes and sets a new Access Code in memory bank 1 that is the same as the new Authority Code.

These instructions and images are courtesy of the TriMark company and taken directly from their manual.

Your Authority Code must be 5 digits and should be different from your Access Codes.

  1. Preparation: Find the wiring harness coming out of the back of the keypad. This is usually behind the passenger armrest next to the entrance door. In some cases, the keypad may need to be removed from the side of the vehicle to Access the harness in the correct location.
  2. Programming: With the keypad still plugged in, short the yellow wire to ground (using a paper clip between the yellow and black wires in the connector works) until the keypad begins to beep (tucking the stripped, loose yellow wire into the back of the connector with the black wire works). There is no worry about being shocked when doing this.
Wiring image courtesy of TriMark
  1. The keypad will beep for 3 seconds; remove the short before the keypad stops beeping. The keypad is now in “Learn Mode.”
  2. Enter a new 5-digit Authority Code (double chirps after each button press). The keypad chirps 3 times after the 5th digit’s entry.
  3. Re-enter the new Authority Code for confirmation. The keypad will chirp FOUR times for successful confirmation. A long beep indicates a failure to change the Code.
  4. Test the new Code to confirm it.

Here’s a link that will take you to the TriMark site to find the manual specific to your RV- TriMark

Step 2 Changing Your Door Access Codes (for all RVs)

Your door Access Codes must be 5 digits and you can have up to 5 different Access Codes (or 4 if you have the doorbell keypad like we do). You assign each Access Code to a specific number on the keypad. We just use one Access Code for our RV.

When you create new Access Codes for a number on the keypad, then the previous Code is overwritten. This is good because it means that previous Access Codes will not work.

Depending on whether you have a doorbell or not will determine which key you use to enter the Learning Mode to enter new Access Codes. For doorbell keypads like ours it’s the number 3 button, for non-doorbell pads it’s the number 5/6 button.

  1. Press the 3 or 5/6 button for 5 seconds until the keypad beeps and the back-lighting of the keypad flashes showing it is in Learning Mode
  2. Enter your Authority Code that you created in Step 1.
    1. If you enter the CORRECT Authority Code, the system will provide a constant beep that will only stop when you press the number that you have selected as you new “Memory Bank” to store your new Access Code (we picked position 1, but you can use 1-5 if you have them available).
    2. If you enter an INCORRECT Authority Code, the system will beep for 1 second and exit the Learning Mode and it will not let you program new Access Codes.
  3. Assuming you have entered the correct Authority Code and are hearing a constant beep, pick the position number you want to program and press and release it.
  4. Enter your new 5-digit Access Code and it will beep 3 times after the 5th number
  5. Re-enter the new Access Code again to confirm and you should hear 3 beeps again. If you get one long beep, then you did something wrong and the new Access Code was not saved.

If you make an error or take too long to key in the new numbers, the system will exit the Learning Mode and beep for a second or two and nothing will be changed.

Tip: Make sure to write down your new Codes and store them in a secure place.

Operating Your TriMark Keyless Locks on Your RV

All new RVs with the TriMark locks are delivered with door entry and basement keys and a key fob. You can store these in a safe place and use the keyless door entry to open and lock all doors easily.

  • To lock the doors, no Access Code is needed. Press and hold the 1 button and you will hear all doors lock including the basement doors.
  • To unlock the entrance door, enter your Access Code followed by 1 (this does not open your basement doors)
  • To unlock your basement doors, enter your Access Code followed by 2 (this only unlocks your basement doors)

Tip: Keyless entry locks can fail! Always keep a spare entry key hidden somewhere safe outside your RV to save yourself the cost of a locksmith in case of lock failure!

I hope this helps you change your keyless entry codes to ensure that you are the only one that can unlock and open your RV! You can contact TriMark directly for help.

Carol Ivey

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