Wyoming RV Trip- Don’t Miss Seeing 2 National Parks In One Epic Trip!

On our RV trip across the West Coast, we made several stops on our Wyoming RV trip. In our final stop on the western side of Wyoming, we stayed at a park just outside of the 2 National Parks- Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone.

Located just 5 miles from the North gate of Grand Teton National Park and 32 miles from the South gate of Yellowstone, Fireside RV Park is in a convenient location. The closest town is Jackson Hole about 36 miles away. We stayed at Fireside in June; their contact information is below.

Wyoming RV Trip- Can Big Rig RVs Camp at Fireside?

Yes, but you need to make sure you specifically ask for a site big enough for your RV. There are not many sites that can handle the really big rigs like ours. We had to unhook our tow vehicle even though it is a pull-through site. There was barely enough room for our SUV and RV.

We travel in a 45-foot Class A RV towing an SUV. Not all RV Parks can accommodate Big Rigs like ours. Our stories about the parks we have visited will be about those that can handle larger RVs.

Wyoming RV Trip- What Are The RV Sites Like?

This is an RV Campground with gravel sites and gravel roads with little to no grass and no trees or shade. Our site was fairly level but we noticed others that were not. You can choose full hookup to no hookup RV sites. This is a very basic campground. The benefit here is the location.

RVing in Wyoming
Fireside RV Sites

Since RV rates vary based on season and RV size, we do not include rates as they may not be current. Please contact the park at the links below to obtain current rates and availability.

Wyoming RV Trip Is Internet Access Available At The RV Park?

Since internet access is so important to all of us these days, we decided to include our experience in using the parks’ internet (if provided) and which services worked best between the top 3 carriers.

  • RV Park Provided Internet– basically non-existent. Very weak signal and constantly dropping. Not even good for checking email.
  • Verizon- We could make calls with Verizon and it got the strongest reception but still not good enough for streaming and for some reason would drop out in the middle of the day but seemed to come on strong in the evening. Not sure if this is a Verizon issue in the Buffalo Valley area or what. It does work great in Jackson Hole (36 miles away!).
  • AT&T– In Buffalo Valley it’s barely there but could make calls and check email. Not strong enough to stream or do any serious internet work. Like Verizon, it works great in Jackson Hole.
  • T-Mobile/Sprint– Non-existent in Buffalo Valley, no calls or internet at all. But just the same as the other 2 carriers, T-Mobile worked great in Jackson Hole.

This is not an endorsement, but looking at the cell coverage maps it looks like Verizon has the strongest cell coverage out west. We carry all 3 carrier sim chips and so far, Verizon seems to be getting signals when the others do not.

Wyoming RV Trip What Amenities Are At Fireside Buffalo Valley?

The Park does offer full hookup sites; however, it is pretty basic in what amenities are offered. A laundromat is on the property. There is no pool or other conveniences like a dog park or game courts. They have a small store selling limited groceries & ice, beer, firewood, and propane. They also have a small bar on site but do not serve food. There is also a gas station on site.

The views from the sites of the Grand Teton Mountains are awesome. Considering that most visitors leave during the day to visit the National Parks, I guess they don’t feel they need to add anything additional.

Wyoming RV Trip How Difficult Is It To Get Into the RV Park?

The Park is located on the very well-maintained Highway 287-26. Entering the park off of the highway is easy with a center turn lane and the Park is well marked but with one very important tip! There are actually 3 entrances to the park off of the highway, make sure to take the CENTER entrance where you see the Philips 66 gas station sign! This is where the check-in is and you must check in there to get your site number and instructions as to which entrance you need to use to access your site!

Tip- They DO NOT allow early check-in even if you offer to pay extra. Check-in time is 2 pm.

Wyoming RV Trip- What Is There To Do Near The Park?

There are lots of outdoor activities near the park including hiking, biking, horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, and wildlife tours. In fact, you don’t even have to take a wildlife tour, just drive down highway 26 and there are buffalo and antelope everywhere! At certain times of the day, you will even have to stop your car as they cross the road in front of you! There are also Elk and Bear and signs everywhere cautioning you to be “Bear Aware” and not to leave any food unsecured.

Here are some driving distances to help you plan your trip:

  • The Grand Tetons National Park- 5 miles
  • Yellowstone National Park- 32 miles
  • Jackson Hole Wyoming- 36 miles
  • National Elk Refuge- 36 miles
  • National Wildlife Art Museum- 33 miles

Wyoming RV Trip- What Is the Closest Town to Fireside Buffalo Valley?

The closest town is Jackson (also called Jackson Hole) and is 36 miles away. It’s a simple drive west on Highway 26 and all supplies including grocery, shopping, and hardware services can be found here. In addition, there are many restaurants, resorts, and tourism activities all found in Jackson Hole. They even have an airport!

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Fireside Buffalo Valley RV Park
17800 Hwy 287
Moran, WY 83013

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