What is a Motorcoach Resort?

Many RV Parks have added the word “resort” to their name in hopes of attracting more customers, but not every RV Park should be called a resort. And not all RV Resorts are equal to Motorcoach Resorts. No guidelines exist to define the difference between Motorcoach Resorts and RV Resorts, but I’ve researched the many services and amenities available to help answer the question for you.

What is a Motorcoach Resort?

Motorcoach Resorts offer superior service and luxury amenities that are similar to five-star resort hotel accommodations and are big rig friendly for coaches over 40 feet. For those that prefer the ultimate in luxury, Motorcoach Resorts cater to a clientele that desires extraordinary service in outstanding locations.

Motorcoach Resort
Aztec Motorcoach Resort

Don’t let the term “RV Resort” fool you into thinking they all are the same as a Motorcoach Resort. RV Resorts do offer some similar amenities, but not of the same luxury standards, and not all can accept large coaches.

If Florida is in your travel plans and you have a Big Rig, you might want to see the 19 Best Luxury RV Resorts in Florida.

Differences Between a Motorcoach Resorts and RV Resorts

The differences between Motorcoach Resorts and RV Resorts can be categorized into a few major groups- Lot Size, Security, Luxury Amenities, Lot Ownership Opportunities, and RV Class/Size/Age Restrictions.

I’ll break each of these categories down and explain the differences. I’ll also cover what it means for an RV Resort to be Big-Rig friendly. Since our current motorcoach is a 44-foot Class A Newmar, we have certain criteria in sites that we find important.

We love Mountain Falls Luhttps://www.mtn-falls.com/xury Motorcoach Resort.

RV Lot Size- Motorcoach Resort vs. RV Resort

RV Motorcoach Resorts are designed for big rigs and can accommodate Motorcoaches up to 45 feet long plus a tow vehicle. Additionally, their design assumes that you will need room to open slides on both sides of your coach plus the clearance to open your awning. These sites can start at around 4,000 square feet and go up to 9,000 square feet or more!  This allows you privacy, eliminating the feeling that you can reach out and touch your neighbors’ coach.

Motorcoach Resort
Photo Credit Destin West RV Resort

RV Resorts are generally designed for maximum capacity and as such only require a rental space of about 1,500 square feet. Many of the older RV Resorts are not designed for big rigs, and I have heard of RV Resorts with sites so close together you cannot open your awning for fear of hitting your neighbors RV.

Some of the more spacious RV lots with spectacular views can be found in the 13 RV Resorts North Carolina.

RV lot size is one of the main reasons we choose a Motorcoach Resort over an RV Resort.

Motorcoach Resort Site Design and Security Compared to RV Resort

RV Motorcoach resorts are designed to allow the swing room necessary to drive a big rig through the park and allow ample access to the sites. The streets are generally wider to accommodate at least a 45-foot coach with a tow vehicle. Landscaping and tree branch overhangs are trimmed to keep the foliage out of the way and to avoid scratching the coaches.

Safety and security are also very important. Most motorcoach resorts are gated with 24 hour security. This is a key feature if you plan on leaving your coach there for any amount of time unoccupied.

RV Resorts are again designed for maximum capacity and don’t normally have the ability to provide the swing room necessary for big rigs. Big Rigs tend to be the minority in the standard RV Resorts, so they don’t have a need to offer the same wide streets or keep trees trimmed back since the majority of their clients don’t require it.

Many RV Resorts are not gated and therefore do not provide the level of security we prefer.

We prefer gated locations with 24 hour security for our Motorcoach.

Motorcoach Resort
Luxury RV Resort Mustang Island- Photo Credit Gulf Waters Beachfront RV Resort

Luxury Resort Amenities

The rates in Motorcoach Resorts are normally higher than those of RV Resorts, however you should expect a higher level of service and luxury amenities. Motorcoach Resorts will be very well maintained and have an extensive list of amenities. The sites are level and they are beautifully landscaped, often with incredible views or in very desirable locations.

Florida is one of those very desirable RV destinations and many people have the Florida Keys on their bucket list. With over 23 RV Parks in the Florida Keys, you should add this to your travel plans.

In Motorcoach Resorts you can generally expect:

  • Secure gated access with 24/7 security
  • Paved streets & landscaped concrete pads
  • Oversized lots
  • Full hookups (30 & 50 Amp) with water & sewer
  • Cable TV & Wi-Fi
  • Daily trash pickup

Depending on what part of the country you are in, the amenities can vary somewhat, but here’s a list of those that we have seen pretty consistently in the Motorcoach Resorts we have visited:

  • Private Clubhouses
  • Onsite fine dining
  • Private bar/ lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fitness facilities
  • Multiple pools (many heated)
  • Jacuzzi & Sauna
  • Golf courses
  • Pickle Ball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Bocce ball
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Onsite Concierge
  • Gaming rooms/billiards
  • Boat docks/marinas
  • Recreational equipment rentals and delivery
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Dog parks
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Shuttles to area attractions
  • Year-round planned social activities
  • Propane delivery
  • Mobile RV mechanics
  • Coach detailing services
Motorcoach Resort
Photo Credit Silver Palms RV Resort

Motorcoach resorts normally provide a superior level of service that is often included in the rates. Any additional fees are indicated at check in.

Nature is An Amenity

Location and your surroundings can also be considered an amenity, and that can vary a lot depending on what part of the country you are in. I think the Grand Canyon could be considered a pretty cool natural amenity, and there plenty of RV Resorts in Arizona that can handle big rigs.

Grand Canyon North Rim
Grand Canyon North Rim

Lot Ownership Opportunities

Another big difference between RV Resorts and Motorcoach Resorts is that most Motorcoach Resorts offer the opportunity to purchase lots. Many coach owners travel the country visiting their favorite locations, and owning a lot gives them the freedom to return whenever they want.

In addition to enjoying all the amenities these resorts offer, they can build casitas (or tiny homes) or coach houses on their lots. Some are as simple as outdoor summer kitchens, and others are as elaborate as small homes with additional bedrooms and baths. One particular motorcoach resort offers the opportunity to build port homes, which are complete homes that have a large garage or port to completely enclose their motorcoach.

Owners can rent out their property for additional income when they are not using them and can sell them whenever they wish. There are property owners associations to maintain the level of quality required to keep the property values up, and owners can be assured their property is cared for while away.

It’s pretty common in Texas for people to purchase RV lots on the coast to use as vacation spots during the season. Not all Texas parks offer lots for sale, but there are many that do and some are on the Texas Gulf Coast.

How to Buy A Luxury RV Site

We had no idea that you could actually buy lots in these luxury resorts, so we did some investigating and learned much more. If you are interested in buying your own lot, we wrote a post on Can I Buy A Luxury RV Site.

We have several friends that own properties in different motorcoach resorts that they travel back and forth to depending on the season.

Motorcoach Resort Restrictions

Some motorcoach resorts have restrictions on the sizes, age and type of RVs they allow in their resorts. There are several resorts that only allow Class A RV’s that are larger than 30 feet.

Most of the resorts that have rules on which RVs are allowed are ownership parks where each lot is individually owned.

Why do some resorts not allow older RVs?

Yes, there are resorts that do not allow older RVs. This is often referred to as “The Ten Year Rule at RV Parks”, which says that Class A RV’s older than 10 years are not allowed. The intent is to avoid derelict and abandoned units.

If your coach is well maintained and you provide pictures, this rule may be waived depending on individual resort rules. Check with the resort when booking.

Some resorts will ask for pictures of the RV no matter what the age (we were asked for one of our previous 2018 Tiffin before the park would confirm our reservations).

If you want to experience a luxury motorcoach vacation, you should consider booking one of the ultimate Motorcoach Resorts.

Are Golf Carts Allowed in Motorcoach Resorts?

Yes, golf carts are allowed provided you follow the posted speed limits and obey traffic rules.

Are dogs allowed in Motorcoach Resorts?

Yes, provided your dog is on a leash and well-behaved dogs are allowed in Motorcoach Resorts. Many resorts have their own fenced dog parks on site.

Do you have to be a club member or owner to stay at a Motorcoach Resort?

No, you do not have to be an owner or club member but you should make your reservations in advance to assure availability.

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