Tour the 2021 $2.2MM Newell Coach- Florida RV SuperShow 2020

We had the opportunity to tour Newell’s newest 2021 luxury coach at the RV SuperShow in Florida in January, and wow were we impressed! In addition to all of the most desired gadgets like adaptive cruise control, lane assist and a 360-degree camera system, Newell offers so much more in a first-class design.

In the video below, you can come along with us as Brian Pitts from Newell walks us through their newest coach, the 2021 45 foot Quad Slide.

Here are some interesting facts about Newell’s Luxury Custom Coaches:

  • Newell Coach was founded over 50 years ago and is the Premier Luxury Custom Coach Manufacturer in the US.
  • All coaches are custom-designed and custom-built for each owner from scratch in sizes 39-45 feet.
  • Newell builds its own custom-engineered Chassis and Body. They are not a coach converter, but a custom coach designer and builder.
  • It takes about 6 months to build each custom-designed Newell coach, once the customer has selected their own options.

  • Newell is known for its Superior Customer Service. Owners can call 24/7, 365 days per year and speak with a Service Representative who can answer questions and provide assistance.

In addition to their best-in-class Customer Service, Newell is also a leading RV Industry Innovator. Here are some differences that make Newell stand out from the competition:

  • Standard equipment on Newell coaches includes the industry’s only Active ZF Steer tag-axle suspension (a Newell exclusive design since 2004). This original design reduces the turning radius of a 45-foot coach to that of a 38-foot motorhome.
  • When retracting the slides in the Newell, the floor actually drops about 4” into the chassis. These flat floor slides mean you always have level floors on your coach whether slides are open or closed.
  • Newell’s coach management system, Intrepid™, was designed exclusively for them and allows you to stay remotely connected from any device (iOS or Android) using their proprietary app. Control mechanical features such as Slides, Dump Valves, Awnings, HVAC, Generator and more from your smartphone or tablet.
  • The Newell cockpit has a 15” Infotainment Touchscreen Screen right on the dash allowing you easier access to control systems and keeping your eyes on the road. There’s also a removable mini iPad mounted in-dash that can be used throughout the coach.
  • The Dual Navigation System offers separate driver’s and passenger’s navigation touch panels. This allows the passenger to input new directions, make course corrections, or pick out rest stops that are immediately shared on the driver’s monitor.
  • The coach we toured had a high definition laser projection TV in the master bedroom that projected onto the window screen to avoid blocking your views outside the coach.
  • Since all Newell coaches are custom designed, you can choose between a front-entry or a mid-entry coach.

If you want a World Class custom coach, Newell should be on your shortlist!

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