RVing in the Winter 5 Stops In The Southwest- Fun Following The Sun

RVing has been surging due to the pandemic, and it needn’t stop when winter weather arrives. The snowbird lifestyle sees people flocking to the southern states during the colder months to experience RVing in the Winter. And if they travel in their motorhomes, this can amount to six months of sightseeing for anyone enjoying retirement! But even a couple of weeks is a warm and welcome break. Interstate 10 is the US’s southernmost major highway, and its western section hits a variety of sunny, scenic spots we think you will like.

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StorageCafe recently published a report on the best winter destinations for 2021-22. While Florida is great for golf and beaches in winter, the Southwest may offer more variety — the region is well set up with RV parks, and your luxury motorhome is the ideal way to handle the distances and the climate variations. Come with us then on our winter-warming I-10 journey through five states, from Surf City, CA, to Alamo City, TX, via deserts and mountains, plus a night or two out on the town.

RVing in the Winter

RVing in the Winter Stop #1: SoCal Offers Good Health and Sights for Sore Eyes

In Orange County, S. California, Huntington Beach is the US’s official ‘Surf City,’ with nearby Newport Beach its rival. The area’s average October-March temperatures are around 60 °F. After all that time spent indoors, quite possibly working at your computer, the Pacific Ocean is always a refreshing sight, even if you don’t ride the waves, and a great place to start your trip. There are RV campsites here and also in pleasant inland communities nearby such as Irvine and Laguna Niguel — the former, with its high attention to healthcare and lifestyle, scored 19th place in StorageCafe’s study.

RVing in the Winter

RVing in the Winter- Stop #2: A Day Out in The Entertainment Capital of the World

Heading east on the I-10, you can camp your motorhome at the spectacular Joshua Tree National Park. But we’re also proposing a diversion across the Nevada border for a day or two in Vegas. There are RV campsites aplenty, including in nearby Henderson, which received a top-100 ranking from StorageCafe. If you get a taste for the place, come back again at the end of your trip rather than spend all your holiday money the first time you’re there! Put the cold-weather clothes you needed before you came south in one of the many self storage units in Las Vegas so they will be waiting for you.

RVing in the Winter- Stop #3: The Valley of the Sun Shines in Winter Too

Entering Arizona on the I-10 takes you through some wilderness scenery, a taste of the fascinating desert landscapes up ahead, and brings you straight to Phoenix. This area, a favorite among snowbirds, is known as The Valley of the Sun, having 295 sunny days per year and average October to March temperatures in the range 60-63 °F. Several places here, such as Apache Junction — which earned a top 5 ranking from StorageCafe — have numerous RV parks and golf courses plus a good reputation for safety. The spectacular Superstition Mountains add to the Wild West backdrop.

RVing in the Winter

RVing in the Winter- Stop #4: New Mexico’s Astounding and Varied Scenery

The next state on your route east, New Mexico, offers Las Cruces on the I-10 and Alamogordo a little further north, both of which have several RV parks. They ranked in the StorageCafe study with warmer average winter temperatures than most of the state, in the 50s °F. This area offers forests and the incredible landscape of White Sands National Park, plus many trips are possible to explore the fascinating local Native American heritage. You can also ski in New Mexico, after a few hours’ drive north to the Sandia Mountains, and experience some of the country’s most exciting slopes!

RVing in the Winter

RVing in the Winter- Stop #5: Something to Remember… for Both History Buffs and Romantics

Our journey ends in San Antonio, Texas, home to The Alamo and the famous Riverwalk, where you can stroll hand-in-hand with your RV co-pilot. The average cold-season temperature is 60 °F, which boosted the city’s StorageCafe ranking. Make a trip to Austin for its live music scene or to Houston for its Space Center. To extend your holiday but without the driving, a 2-hour flight takes you to the other side of the Gulf of Mexico, for example, Cancún, where average seawater temperatures never drop below 79 °F! Leave your rig at one of the San Antonio self storage facilities offering RV parking.

We’re sure you’ll appreciate the sun, scenery, and variety of the destinations we’ve presented. StorageCafe’s ranking factors in proximity to beaches — not always relevant in the Southwest — but with more time you can of course extend your I-10 trip via other Southern delights to Florida, where average October-March temperatures sometimes exceed 70 °F. The current trend for RVing is very encouraging for the industry as a whole, and there’s no reason why it should slow down any time soon, including as a way to enjoy the winter. Happy RVing!

RVing has been surging due to the pandemic, and it needn’t stop when winter weather arrives. The snowbird lifestyle sees people flocking to the southern states during the colder months.

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