RV and Golf With a View! Grand View Golf Club Pittsburgh Harvest Host Review

For our second Harvest Host experience, we decided to try a Golf Club. Since we would be passing through the Pittsburgh area, we searched the Harvest Host database and found Grand View Golf Club. After a quick call to their friendly staff to confirm a reservation, we headed that way.

If you want to learn how I search the Harvest Host database along our routes, I wrote about how to do it in 3 Easy Steps.

Our RV and Tow Vehicle

To put things into perspective about our experiences, I think it’s helpful to know what type of RV we are traveling in.

We made this trip in our 2014 Newmar Mountain Aire Class A RV. We have a Hydralift Platform on the back to carry our golf cart, and we’re towing a 2019 Chevy Equinox. Our braking system on the SUV is a Stay-N-Play using a Blue Ox Tow bar.

Without the Hydralift and SUV in tow, our Big Rig is 44 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 12’10” high. We have a 450 Cummins diesel engine on a Freightliner tag axle chassis. Our RV weighs approximately 47,000 pounds loaded.

What Trip Planner Did We Use?

We selected RV Trip Wizard to help us plan our routes. It is a paid subscription membership and this is our first trip using it. We’ll write a detailed review of our experience with it later, but so far for $40 per year, it seems worth it!

What RV GPS Are We Using?

We are currently using the Garmin 770 GPS. We’ve found that it sometimes sends us down difficult routes that are not the safest place for our size RV. While some of the routes are passable, that doesn’t mean they are the easiest to maneuver with our size rig towing an SUV. We will do a detailed post showing some of the routes our Garmin took us in the future.

The Route- Pittsburgh Has Tunnels!

Squirrel Hill Tunnel Pittsburgh
Squirrel Hill Tunnel Pittsburgh

Our GPS did not warn us that we would be going through tunnels! This was a first for us, but as I recommend in other stories, it’s very important to know your RV’s so you know if the route is safe. This model Garmin allows us to program our RV specifications in to avoid routes that we cannot safely take, but it never hurts to be sure!

Watch Bridge Heights and Plan on Some Climbing

The route took us through a small town and under several bridges. Be very cautious about bridge heights! Many RV’ers travel in the right lane, but bridge heights can be lower there. Pay very close attention to the road signs.

Grand View Golf Club is up on a hill overlooking the city so plan on driving up a slight incline to reach the entrance.

Grand View Has a Great View!

Great View at Grand View Golf Club

The Harvest Host is the Grand View Golf Club and it overlooks the city of Pittsburgh! Grand View has a challenging 18-hole golf course with unique drops. Reviews from Golf Advisor say this course can help improve your accuracy. We visited in August and the course was in pretty good shape considering they have been in a drought.

The Parking Site

We were directed to a level, large paved parking lot site and were able to open our slides and run our generator. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Mike played a round of golf and really enjoyed it.

Would We Recommend This Harvest Host Location?

Yes, we highly recommend the Grand View Golf Club for a great stop during an RV trip through the Pittsburgh area!

Join Harvest Host Now and Get a Discount!

Here’s a link to join Harvest Host and get a 15% discount. The annual membership for Harvest Hosts is only $67.15 with the discount we’re able to offer our readers.

Carol Ivey

Carol is a long-time adventurer who loves traveling in her 44 foot Newmar Mountain Aire Class A RV with her husband Mike, and their Black Standard Schnauzer aptly named "Rider". Carol has been sharing travel stories and advice for years and their newest adventure chronicles what luxury RV living and travel is all about. Tips, tricks, and lessons learned about Glamping- seeing the country in style and comfort while cruising behind the wheel of a luxury RV. They definitely know how to RV-N-Style.

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