7 Things To Know About Luxury RV Rental- Tips from an RV Renter

Interview and advice from someone who rents luxury RVs!

We have all seen ads for RV rentals, but I wondered if it was possible to rent a Luxury RV (sometimes called a Motorcoach). I did some research and learned of some options for Luxury RV rental which I will share in this post.

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Can I Rent a Luxury Class A RV?

Yes, you can rent luxury RV’s. A few companies specialize in luxury RV rental. They offer concierge services that include private drivers, pick-up and delivery services, destination setup services, and luxury tour planning. They will even stock it with food and supplies!

Luxury RV rental tour itineraries can be custom designed to suit your desires and generally include stays in unique luxury motorcoach properties that have all the amenities of five-star resorts.

Read our interview here with a couple that experienced their own luxury RV rental and find out the cost.

What Does Luxury RV Rental Cost?

The price of renting a luxury motorcoach depends on the size and amenities required. I investigated the average costs from AllStar Coaches, one of the highly recommended luxury motorcoach companies and this is what I learned.

A 40-foot Country Coach Allure RJ that sleeps six and has Awnings, Cargo Storage, Full Bathroom, HD TV in Bedroom, HD TV in Salon, Internet in Motion, Master Bed – King, Microwave, Sleeper Sofa, Stove Top, Surround Sound, Washer and Dryer, and Satellite TV in Motion costs about $8,500 per week.

If you want a more luxurious coach, the top-of-the-line 45-foot Prevost may be more to your liking. This real luxury RV rental one sleeps eight and has all of the amenities of the Country Coach plus an outside tv. That one will run you about $25,000 per week.

There can be additional charges on top of the rental rates which can include:

  • Mileage Charges for over the agreed-upon amount
  • Generator Charge for excess usage
  • Cleaning Charges
  • Pet fee for bringing your pet
  • Internet access
  • Dumping fees if wastewater tanks are not empty upon return
  • Fuel fees if not returned with the same amount as at pickup
  • Propane fuel fees if not the same amount as at pickup upon return
  • Optional Housekeeping Kit which includes sheets, towels, and kitchenware

If you need the RV delivered and picked up, there are additional charges and one-way rentals can be done also for an additional charge. These prices do not include a driver.

How Can You Save Money On Luxury RV Rental?

At certain times of the year, RV Rental companies need to reposition their coaches to other parts of the country and don’t have enough drivers to get them there, so they offer deep discounts. These are one-way rentals and are very limited in number, but it is an excellent way to save big on luxury RV rental costs.

Allstar Coaches repositioning deals let you pick the coaches up from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and deliver them to Ft. Lauderdale during the months of September-October. You get to enjoy 5 days of adventure driving a luxury RV rental to Ft. Lauderdale, and save yourself some money doing it!

You have to reserve early since they are subject to availability, but what a great idea that we never knew about. If you want to see the beautiful beaches of Ft. Lauderdale in the fall and get out of the cold weather, this is a fun way to do it.

Remember, these are one-way rentals, so you will need to make arrangements to get home if you don’t live in the Ft. Lauderdale area. But if you do, it may be worth the plane ticket to fly to Philadelphia and drive the RV down, especially if you are considering buying your own RV- kind of a try before you buy experience.

Sound like fun? Here’s a link to AllStar Coaches to check out luxury RV Rental availability.

Want to know what it’s like to use AllStar and an estimate of costs? Here’s a link to an interview we did with a couple that actually rented from AllStar!

Luxury RV Rental Tour Planning

You can have the luxury RV rental company plan a customized tour itinerary for you. They will pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your motorcoach. A professional driver will drive you to the locations you select, set up at your destination, and leave you to enjoy your evening while he or she stays at a nearby hotel. You can stay as many days as you want in each location. The motorcoach will come stocked with all of your favorite foods and refreshments, and you can just relax and roam the country.

You are able to visit some of the country’s most amazing parks and experience it all from the comfort of your luxury 5-star home on wheels. Some of the sample tour itineraries include: 

  • Luxury RV Rental Mountains Tour from Salt Lake City to Denver through stunning scenery and breathtaking peaks.
  • Luxury RV Rental Canyons Tour of the amazing Grand Canyon.
  • Luxury RV Rental West Coast tour from Malibu to the incredible Yosemite National Park.
  • Luxury RV Rental Southeast Mountains to Sea tour takes you from the Great Smokey Mountains to the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Luxury RV Rental Florida tour that covers the entire state from the beautiful waters off the east coast to the stunning beaches on the west coast.
  • Luxury RV Rental Lake Michigan tour that explores all the miles of shoreline including Mackinac Island “Jewel of the Great Lakes”.
  • Luxury RV Rental Pacific Northwest tour that goes from the majestic redwoods and beautiful Crater Lake to the majestic Mount Hood.
  • Luxury RV Rental New England tour that begins in Portland, Maine, and ends in Boston, Massachusetts.

Luxury RV Properties To Visit

Part of the trip planning for your Luxury RV Rental includes booking stays in some of the country’s most premier luxury RV Resorts. These places are over the top gorgeous with any, and every, amenity you can imagine.

The Zion River Resort has its own Mining Sluice where you can mine for real gemstones! Maybe you’ll want to stay at Marina Dunes RV Resort and get in a round of golf in at Pebble Beach. If you prefer diving and fishing, maybe a stay at Bluewater Key Luxury RV Resort near Key West, Florida would be what you desire.

What Companies Rent Luxury RV’s

The most recommended company that I found was Allstar Coaches. They have been around since 2003, and although we haven’t used them personally, our friends Matt & Tricia have. They seem to have a good reputation and excellent customer service.

Additional Information About Luxury RV Rentals

  • Can I drive the RV myself?
    Yes, the rental company will provide an orientation when you pick up the motorcoach and explain how to operate it.
  • Do I need a special driver’s license to drive an RV?
    No, in almost all states no special driver’s license is required to drive an RV.
  • Where can I take the RV?
    Generally, you can take a rental RV anywhere in the contiguous U.S.
  • What happens if the RV breaks down?
    Luxury RV rental companies provide 24/7 service support and will come to you.
  • What about RV insurance?
    Depending on the rental company, the cost of insurance is normally included in the RV rental fees.
  • Can I Bring My Pet in an RV Rental?
    Yes, most luxury RV rental companies will allow you to bring your pet. There is an additional charge depending on the company and can range from $150-$500 depending on the company.

Who Normally Rents Luxury Motorcoaches?

In addition to renting them for family vacations, often people who don’t have the time to drive their own coach to the desired location (or don’t want to), will rent a coach similar to their own. Maybe you want to enjoy an outdoor festival or event or visit a National Park that has limited luxury accommodations. This is the perfect solution.

It’s also a fantastic way to see the country on a road trip with your friends. Think about how much more fun a golf or ski vacation trip would be or even tailgating at a sporting event!

Businesses also rent them to take clients or colleagues out for a very memorable experience. They also make an excellent way to entertain VIPs.

If you have not already purchased your own luxury motorcoach and are considering the luxury RV lifestyle, this is an excellent way to try it out before you invest in your own.

Interview with a Class A RV Renter AND The Actual Cost

Since we’ve never rented an RV ourselves, we decided to find someone who has. Here’s the interview where Matt & Tricia H. share their experiences renting a Class A RV- not once, but TWICE plus what it actually cost.

Read on to hear the good and bad of the RV Rental process…

First, thanks Matt & Tricia for agreeing to share your story with our readers!

Can you please tell us a little about yourselves and what your background is?

Absolutely. We are RV owners now however before we bought our own, we rented Class A motorhomes on two occasions. 

We are from the UK and back in 2012 we were working on a sailing boat that was docked in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and unexpectedly we were granted some vacation time.

Why did you decide to rent an RV?

It was our first time visiting Florida and it’s such a big state and we wanted to see it all. The decision of what we should do to explore in Florida was difficult as there were so many places we wanted to visit until we found out you could rent an RV and visit everywhere, we wanted to easily!

Did you have any RV experience before renting?

No, other than a few tent camping experiences with family back in the UK, neither of us had any previous RV experience.

How did you decide who to rent the RV from?

We did some research and found AllStar coaches (www.allstarcoaches.com) were well recommended and also just here in Ft Lauderdale. They were incredibly helpful on the phone and as we were having 2 friends flying in from the UK to join us, they advised us on a number of coaches that would suit our needs and budget.

Which RV did you rent?

We ended up with a 3 slide 40’ Holiday Rambler Endeavour.

How helpful was AllStar in the rental process?

We were planning to travel all over the state including the Florida Keys and they knew that we were keen to spend a lot of time outside. They offered to pack the basement with everything we could need, including a BBQ grill and table and chairs, which we obviously accepted!

What was the condition of the RV, and did you have to bring anything other than personal items?

The inside was very well equipped with plenty of bed linens, kitchen utensils and equipment, plus cleaning supplies and even a washing machine. No need to bring anything other than our own personal items.

How long did you rent the RV for?

The first time we rented an RV, we booked it for 12 days.

Did you do all the driving yourself or hire a driver?

We did all the driving ourselves, although AllStar could have provided a driver for hire if we wanted one.

How many miles do you think you drove the rental RV?

From Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, and then over to Ft Myers and back to Ft. Lauderdale, I believe we put in at least 800 miles driving.

How was your overall experience renting an RV for the first time?

We had a wonderful 12 days and had zero issues with the coach, which when on a holiday is obviously hugely important. So we can only speak highly of their maintenance schedule and general up keep of their fleet.

Can you please share the cost of renting the 40’ Holiday Rambler Endeavour from Allstar?

Absolutely. Now you must remember that the first time we rented was in 2012, so I’m sure there is a difference in price but here’s our actual receipt:

Breakdown of charges of 40’ RV Rental Costs

Date Generated: 8/17/2012 3:58:31 PM
Quote By: Allstar Guest Services
Referred By: None
Vehicle Type: 40 Endeavour
Rent Length: 12 Days
Pickup Date: 11/2/2012 (11/2/2012 3:36:00 PM)
Return Date: 11/13/2012 (11/13/2012 3:37:00 PM)
KM/Mileage Allowed 0
KM/Mile Daily: 150 Km/Mile

KM/Mile Weekly: 1000 Km/Mile
KM/Mile Monthly: 4000 Km/Mile
KM/Mile Charge: $0.35
Fuel Charge: $5.99
Grace Minutes: 480 Minutes
No. Unit Rate Sub Total
1 Week $4,077.00 $4,077.00
5 Day $571.43 $2,857.15
Net Rate $6,934.15
Miscellaneous Charges
ASC DirecTV/XM $100.00
EFM Administration Fee $120.00
Waste Tank Dump Fee $50.00
FL State Sales Tax $432.25
Processing Fee $267.27
One Way Fee $0.00
Other Charges I $0.00
Other Charges II $0.00
Other Charges III $0.00
Other Charges IV $0.00
Discount $0.00
Total Price $7,903.67 (2012)

Luxury RV Rental
On the Beach in the Keys – Courtesy of LivingDietetics

You liked renting an RV so much you did it again, right?

Yes. The second time we rented was in February 2015 when we decided very last minute to go to the Daytona 500 for our anniversary weekend. How we managed to book a site on the infield so last minute I don’t know but we did!

Did you use AllStar RV Rental again?

Yes when we rented again, we used Allstar Coaches as we had such a good experience last time.  I am fairly sure we managed to get their last coach when we booked.

What type of RV did you rent this time?

We ended up with a 40’ Fleetwood Discovery TS which suited our needs perfectly.

Did you drive the RV yourself from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona?

Yes, part of the fun for us is the driving of the RV. AllStar told us that they were delivering multiple coaches to Daytona ready for the entire speed week. Many clients don’t want to drive the coach to their destination, instead just use it as their accommodation source.

We chose not to take them up on any of these offers as part of the fun for us is the driving of the RV, so we wanted to drive it to Daytona ourselves.

Did they offer any other special services during Daytona Speed Week?

Yes they did. Because they had so many coaches there, they also informed us that there would be a service crew on site for the entire speed week in case of any issues, which was a great idea, though we never needed it.

AllStar also said that we could have them stock the coach with supplies such as food and drink before and during the event.

So you had another great RV Rental Experience?

Absolutely! That event will go down in history as one of our favorite weekends ever, and I’m sure that was down to having the RV there and being part of such a fun event and surrounded by other RVs!

Can you share what it cost for a 3 day RV Rental?

Sure, here’s what we paid to rent an RV for 3 days of Daytona Speed Week.

Breakdown of Charges

Rental Days: 3 Day(s)
Total Mileage Included: 750
Mileage Included: Daily: 250, Weekly: 1750, Monthly: 7500
Fuel Charge: 5.99
Grace Minutes: 480

Daily 2 $2,680.00 $2,680.00
Miles Allowed 750
Total T&M $2,680.00
Options Total $0.00
Processing Fee 1 3.5% $93.80
State Sales Tax 1 6% $166.43
Sub Total $2,940.23
EFM Administration Fee 4 $10.00 $40.00
FL Solid Waste Fee ($2.00/Day) 4 $2.00 $8.00
Total $2,988.23

Luxury RV Rental
Matt Taking Pictures from the RV Roof at Daytona – Courtesy of LivingDietetics

Any Advice you would offer our readers about renting an RV?
It is worth noting that due to these 2 rental experiences we then went on to purchase our own Class A motorhome in 2017.

It is certainly something I would suggest doing if you are contemplating purchasing one in the future as you learn a lot in regard to what is important to you and how you like and need to live.

Before we bought our own coach we were tempted to rent again from Allstar as they offer discounted delivery trips at the end of the season when they need to move coaches between Pennsylvania and Florida, this can be a great way to explore a longer trip and area at a much cheaper cost then a standard rental. Click here to read more about discounted Delivery Trips (Repositioning).

About Matt & Tricia H.

Travelling all over the world aboard private sailing yachts, Matt and Tricia love the adventures that travel brings. Whether aboard a sailing yacht or land yacht, they have been having fun together for many years.

In addition to them owning a yacht management services company, Tricia also runs the popular website LivingDietetics.com where she uses her Culinary Nutrition expertise as a professional private chef to teach people how to use food to support their health and wellness goals. 

Can I rent a luxury RV with a driver?

Yes, you can rent a luxury RV with a driver for an additional cost. Make sure you have his (or her) duties clearly defined in the rental contract. They will set up your RV for you when you arrive at your destination. Drivers usually stay at a nearby hotel while you enjoy the RV.

Should I put my luxury RV in a professional rental program?

If your motorcoach is newer and in excellent condition and you seldom use it but don’t want to sell, then maybe you should consider putting your RV in a rental program. Make sure to thoroughly investigate the terms and rental conditions (and reviews) of the RV rental company before placing your motorcoach in a program.

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Carol is a long-time adventurer who loves traveling in her 44 foot Newmar Mountain Aire Class A RV with her husband Mike, and their Black Standard Schnauzer aptly named "Rider". Carol has been sharing travel stories and advice for years and their newest adventure chronicles what luxury RV living and travel is all about. Tips, tricks, and lessons learned about Glamping- seeing the country in style and comfort while cruising behind the wheel of a luxury RV. They definitely know how to RV-N-Style.

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