55 Best Gifts for RV Owners – With Costs

I took a poll of 20 of the biggest RV Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members to learn what gifts that RV Owners like us need and want to receive. The response was overwhelming! I got hundreds of responses from actual RV owners of what gifts they did (and did not) want to receive and compiled them in this post.

55 Best Gifts for RV Owners – With Costs

Here are 55 of the best gifts for RV Owners. These are the RV gifts that motorhome owners told us they buy themselves and want to receive as gifts. Whether you are looking for an RV gift for Mom, an RV gift for Dad, or a gift for that special camper you know, these are the best RV gifts!

I’ve broken them out by cost, so you should be able to find something within your budget for anyone on your list that owns an RV!

Tip: To all RV owners out there, don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends and maybe you will get one of your favorite RV gifts this year!

If you know your budget you can click on a link below to go directly to that section, or you can scroll through to see the complete list.

Where To Buy Awesome RV Gifts

You can find gifts for RV Owners almost anywhere. There are RV specific stores like Camping World, but often almost any RV gift you are searching for can be found on Amazon or at Walmart. Don’t forget, if you are an Amazon Prime member, shipping is free and returns are easy.

Unique RV Gifts

If you are looking for personalized RV gifts, check out your local craft fairs and embroidery shops. Don’t forget to purchase gifts early before the holiday to allow time to customize them.

RV Gift Ideas from RV Manufacturers

If you know the brand name of the RV, try going to the RV manufacturer’s website as many offer custom merchandise specific to their particular brand of RV. Newmar even has a luxury hammock that you can buy which is covered later in this post.

Here are links to the shopping areas of some of the most popular RV Websites :
American Coach

25 of the Best New Gifts for RV Owners Under $50

Here are the most requested gifts for RV owners under $50. Click here to see more detail about these items on our Products Page.

Credit Amazon

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  • $10- Kurgo RV/Car Seatbelt for Pets
    • Allowing pets to roam free while driving an RV, is dangerous. Many pets have been lost because they dashed out when the door of the motor home was opened. A Pet Seat Belt will help to keep pets safe while traveling in an RV or car and eliminates driver distractions. This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer for those RV Pet owners on your list.
  • $15- Rand McNally Large Scale RV Road Atlas
    • Many people still prefer books over digital maps and this large scale road atlas lists tourism websites and phone numbers for the RV traveler. This is a great gift for those non-techie RV lovers!
  • $15- The Next Exit 2019: USA Interstate Highway Exit Directory for RVers
    • A favorite among RV travelers, this book provides details about which fuel stations can accommodate large RV rigs and whether diesel is available.
  • $15- Personalized RV Christmas Ornament
    • Every RVer would love this personalized RV Christmas Ornament, and it’s a great collectible to show off how many Christmases have been celebrated on the road!
  • $15- Stansport Deluxe Camp Cooking Broiler Basket
    • Wire basket broiler for safely cooking fish, steak, hamburgers, chicken, and more, over an open fire, fireplace, or grill.
  • $20- Journal to write about RV travels
    • Great way to remember RV adventures!
  • $20- National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways
    • There’s a lot to see in the USA and often the scenic routes are overlooked. This guide will help RVers find those routes that are off the beaten path.
  • $20- Go Tags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar
    • RV pets are constantly in different RV parks and can easily get lost if they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. It’s important to make sure pets have a collar with the owner’s phone number stitched in just in case they do get lost. We decided not to put our dog’s name on it, but instead used the word “Chipped” (to let people know he has an implanted identifier microchip) and our phone number. That way anyone who finds him and cannot immediately reach us can take him to a local veterinarian who can scan the chip, find our contact information and keep him safe until we can retrieve him.

      Tip- Buy a collar tag and attach it to your pets’ collar. Write your RV site number on a label and it and stick it on the tag. Every time you move to a different park, you can just update the current site number.
  • $22- US States Map RV Travel Sticker Set
    • This high-quality vinyl map can be attached to the outside of the RV to show off where they have traveled! It’s a great way to count off the states visited and show how far the adventure has taken them!
  • $25- LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns (Luci lights)
    • These cool extra bright solar-powered LED lanterns are lightweight, inflatable, collapsible, waterproof and shatterproof. They are completely safe for children. There are 2 ways to recharge them (Solar & USB), and recharge in approximately 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight or 1-2 hours with the micro USB cord (included). They come in many colors and some even have phone charging features. These are great for an  RV, and can easily be carried to the pool or any place that light is needed. A fun fact is that this company is owned by 2 women who have a mission to help provide disaster relief to those in need. They have distributed over 200,000 of these solar lights to families hard hit by natural disasters that would otherwise be left in the dark at night.

      You may have seen these on the TV Show “Shark Tank” where they earned an investment from the “Sharks”!
  • $25- Outdoor RV Awning Patio String Party Lights
    • This is a cool RV gift that is inexpensive, easy to store and makes outdoor RV parties more fun and festive! There are lots of different styles to pick from, we mixed the flamingoes with the palm trees and hung them from our RV awning for an outdoor luau feeling!
  • $28- Swiss Safe RV First Aid Kit
    • It’s a good idea to have a complete first aid kit on an RV. Some also include mini kits to carry on hikes.
  • $30- Personalized Outdoor RV Campsite Flag
    • RV enthusiasts love a  customized campsite flag and it’s a fun way to introduce yourselves in a new RV park.
  • $30- Hammock with tree straps
    • This high-quality hammock is made in the USA and offers a great way to relax after a long day of RV driving.
  • $30- Personalized RV Doormat
    • Another great personalized gift under $50, a custom doormat is a useful RV gift that will last for many adventures.
  • $35- RV Pet First Aid Kit
    • RV Pet owners would appreciate this well-stocked pet first aid kit that includes a manual that explains how to care for an injured pet.
  • $36- Deluxe Grilling Utensil Set
    • TAIMASI 32PCS BBQ Utensil Set is the most complete grill accessory set on the market and includes everything any RVer would need to be a Master Griller! It includes long-handled grill tongs, spatula, fork, meat knife, basting brush, 2 grill cleaning brushes, meat injector, meat thermometer, pepper & salt shakers, 8 corn holders, 6 skewers, grill glove, small knife and fork, 2 grill mats, kitchen shears, and a carrying bag. These professional grill accessories are made from premium food-grade stainless steel, BPA FREE, durable, rustproof, unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Long-handled tools have convenient hanging loops.
  • $40- Bug Zapper- Flow Tron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
    • This portable bug zapper will help keep mosquitos and other outdoor insects from ruining outdoor fun at campsites.
  • $40- RV Roadside Emergency Kit
    • Often an overlooked piece of safety equipment, every RV should have a complete roadside emergency kit.
  • $45- Disc Golf Starter Set
    • Disc golf is becoming a very popular sport where players throw flying discs at a target using rules similar to golf. It evolved from the Frisbee craze where people used to throw Frisbees at targets. There are over 7,500 courses in the US (and many located on or near RV Parks) and there are 3,500 tournaments annually!
  • $49- Fire TV Streaming Stick with Alexa Built-in
    • Not all RV activity is outdoors, so on those rainy days, a Fire Stick will stream all of your RVer’s favorite shows in their RV.
  • $49- Powertac E20 1180 Lumens Rechargeable EDC Flashlight
    • Outstanding quality, rechargeable, and incredibly bright flashlights. We bought two of them at an RV show.
  • $50- Personalized RV Towels
    • Much like naming a boat, most RVers have named their motor homes. What a great way to surprise them with a picture of their coach and their name on customized towels!
  • $50- Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
    • Portable and comfortable, we have two zero gravity lounge chairs that we carry with us in our RV basements.  With lots of colors available, they can be matched to the motor home for an excellent RV housewarming gift idea.
  • $50- RV Outdoor Patio Mat
    • These reversible outdoor mats come in several colors and help keep RVers from tracking dirt into their motor homes. Made of breathable material so they won’t damage grass, and UV coated to protect against fading, they are easy to clean and are mold and mildew resistant. Lightweight and compact, they fold for easy storage into the carrying bag (included).

      Tip: Choose a color that coordinates with the RV exterior!
Credit: Amazon

11 of the Best RV Gifts for Motorhome Owners $100 and Under

Credit: Amazon

Here are the most requested gifts for RV owners under $100.

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  • $60- Pickleball Paddle Set
    • Pickleball has become one of the most popular sports in the country and most RV Parks have courts. This set of 2 graphite rackets comes with 3 balls and a carrying case.

      Tip- To learn more about the fastest growing sport in the country, visit the USAPA Website.
  • $60- RV Step Covers
    • These wrap around step rugs don’t require screws, glues or tools to attach. It’s an often-overlooked way to keep the inside of RVs clean by cutting down on tracked-in dirt.
  • $69- ONIVA Lightweight Portable Folding Canvas Chair
    • Lightweight and comfortable outdoor folding canvas chairs that come in 8 great colors which can be easily color-coordinated with the RV. These portable chairs have extra-wide padded seats with armrests, a fold-out side table, a hanging armrest caddy for holding books and magazines, two insulated beverage pockets, and a variety of additional pockets. These foldable chairs come with a Lifetime Warranty and Money Back Guarantee- we bought two and love ours!

      Tip: For an extra surprise, order early and have them embroidered with the Owners or Coach Name!
  • $70- RV Refrigerator Latch
    • Many of the larger motor homes (like our Newmar Mountain Aire) have residential refrigerators and a big mess and damage can be caused if an RV refrigerator door flies open while driving. This clever solution for keeping RV refrigerator doors locked during travel can also be used to keep doors open during storage to eliminate mildew buildup.
  • $80- Personalized RV Tow Vehicle Spare Tire Cover
    • I found this cool company online called Tire-Covers.com and they will customize tire covers in any design! It’s a great way to show off the RV name or put some personal graphics unique to the owners!
  • $85- Indoor smokeless grill
    • Sometimes the weather does not cooperate when it’s time to grill outside the RV. For those times, the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window will do the job!
  • $89- Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa
    • We don’t like being without our technology and that includes our virtual assistant Alexa! Just plug it and anywhere internet is available it can be set up to allow voice control in the RV.
  • $99- RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor
    • Protecting pets in an RV is important and being aware of their safety while we’re away from the RV is something we knew we needed for peace of mind. This device monitors the temperature in the RV and sends an alert to our phone or email if the temperature gets too hot or cold inside the RV.
    • This is a must-have item for Full-Time RV Owners that have pets!
  • $100- Air fryer Makes RV Cooking Easy
    • We love our Air Fryer! It’s a healthy way to cook delicious meals without heating up the inside of the motor home.
  • $100- Instapot 7-in-1
    • This is a great gift for RVers that like to cook but have limited kitchen space.
      The newest edition of this popular appliance combines 7 Appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and warmer.
  • $100- Metal detector – Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV
    • This metal detector is a favorite among RVers and can detect coin-size targets up to 8 feet! What a cool way to find lost treasure while getting some outdoor exercise.

13 of the Best Gifts for Motorcoach Owners Over $100

Credit: Amazon

Here are the most requested gifts for RV owners over $100.

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  • $110- Deco Gear Rapid Electric Party Ice Maker
    • Most RV owners love to entertain and running out of ice while serving guests can be eliminated with this cool little icemaker! It starts making ice in as little as 6 minutes and can make up to 26 pounds of ice per day!
  • $120- WORX Cordless Portable Pressure Washer
    • WORX WG625 20V Hydroshot Cordless Portable Power Cleaner is highly recommended by RV owners. This cordless portable sprayer pulls water out of a bucket (or any water source), instead of requiring a special water spigot. It makes rinsing bugs off the front of the motor home easy, without damaging the paint.
  • $125- Portable Propane Fire Pit- Outland Firebowl
    • This is one of the most asked for gifts by RV owners this year! A perfect no-mess campfire that is compact and easy to store and sets up in minutes with no tools! This complete fire pit kit includes the cover and carry-kit, a pre-attached 10-Ft hose to keep your standard 20-Lb propane tank cylinder (not included) safely out of sight, a fully adjustable regulator with chrome valve knob for varying flame height, and 4.4-Lb natural lava rock set designed to enhance the flickering effect.

      Tip: The fire pit is safe to use during most campfire bans, but you should always check with the current fire restrictions in your area.
  • $130- Progressive Industries, Smart RV Surge Protector
    • RV parks don’t always have properly regulated electrical power and power surges can damage or destroy RV wiring. An RV surge protector is a must-have item that will protect RV electrical systems from damage which can be very expensive to repair.
  • $130- Cordless Indoor Vacuum
    • Not all RVs have central vacuum systems, and for those that don’t this cordless vacuum was on the RV owners wish list. It’s lightweight and works on all floor surfaces.
  • $230- Clam screen house- Portable Outdoor Camping Shelter
    • I never heard of this cool outdoor patio tent before another RV owner told me about them. You can set them up in 45 seconds and are ready to use right out of the box! They keep rain and bugs out while letting campers enjoy the outdoors.
  • $230- Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill
    • We love our folding Coleman grill and it’s the most popular one with RV owners nationwide. It has up to 20,000 BTUs of grilling power and 285 sq. in. of cooking area, has 3 independently adjustable burners and 2 side tables. Instastart ignition for push-button, matchless lighting it uses either a 1-pound propane cylinder (sold separately) or can be fueled from your RV propane tank.

      Tip: Don’t forget to purchase an extra 1-pound green cylinder propane tank so your RV friend can start grilling as soon as they receive it!
  • $279- EEZTire- Tire Pressure Monitoring System- Real Time/24×7
    • This is another must-have RV safety item (click here to read my article on RV tire Safety). A tire failure can be costly and dangerous, that’s why every Motorhome Owner should have a Tire Pressure Monitoring system on the RV and Tow Vehicle. We use the EEZTire TPMS system which accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature.
  • $299- Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Navigation System
    • We purchased the Garmin 770 for our Newmar Mountain Aire because it has a large display and is voice-activated, but most importantly this unit provides custom RV routing based on the size and weight of the motor home (which is completely customizable).
  • $300- Roomba  Robot Vacuums
    • Think a motorhome is too small for a robot vacuum cleaner? Think again, pets shed- a lot and RVers with pets will appreciate this gift! Our friends turn on their Roomba vacuum while they are out having fun and come back to a clean motorcoach. We’ve been told that the I Series that empties on its own is great for picking up pet hair in the RV.
  • $325- Sunguard RV Windshield Cover
    • If the RV owner you know has an  RV windshield screen on their wish list but you don’t have the budget for the custom Magneshades, Sunguard RV Windshield Covers are the next best option. They cost a little over $300 and dramatically reduce the inside temperature in the motor home. They do require that holes be drilled on the outside of the RV for mounting screws.
  • $687- Aire Nest Luxury RV Hammocks
    • For extravagant RV relaxation, one of the newest options that Newmar Motor Coaches offer is the Aire Nest Luxury RV Hammocks. These quality hammocks attach to brackets mounted on the side of the coach so you can watch TV while laying under your awning swinging in the breeze.
    • Do you know someone you would like to spoil with this over the top RV gift? Contact Aire Nest directly at their website to order- AireNest.com
  • $1000- Magneshades
    • If your budget allows you to buy the best, every RV owner wants these custom windshield shades! They are mounted using magnets on the inside and outside of the RV, instead of the typical shade that requires drilling holes in the motorhome. It takes only about 30 seconds to install these quality shades, and they block 90% of UV rays which keeps coaches significantly cooler inside! They also have an option to add custom digital images to personalize the shade.
Aire Nest Luxury Hammocks

RV Owners Membership Gifts

Not all RV owners wanted physical gifts, many suggested National Park Passes,  Museum, and Zoo Memberships and RV Club Memberships. A great idea is the National Park Pass if they qualify for the senior discount a Lifetime Pass is only $80!

America the Beautiful National Parks Passhttps://store.usgs.gov/faq

This Pass allows access to over 2,000 recreation areas including all National Parks. A Lifetime Pass for Seniors over 62 is only $80 and provides additional discounts on Campsites and guided tours.

Tip: This pass only covers National Parks. Each state has its own state park pass system so if you want one for a specific state you will need to search the state park system for current fees and information.

Association of Zoos & Aquariums- AZA

The AZA is a network of over 6,000 Zoos and Aquariums across the US and Canada which supports wildlife conservation, education and animal care. For only $30 per year, members receive either free admission or 50% discounts to participating Zoos and Aquariums.

North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Associationhttps://narmassociation.org/about/

It offers members access to over 1,000 arts and history museums, zoos, and botanical gardens and science centers. Visit their website to learn more.

Harvest Hosts Membership– Either $79 or $119 per year

This membership allows unlimited Free overnight stays at over 400 wineries, 90 breweries, 200 farms, 180 museums, and 360+ Golf Courses and Country Clubs across the US!

IN addition to golf rounds, many of these locations offer Wine tastings, farm tours, museums, and spa treatments at various locations and many also have excellent restaurants.

Good Sam Club Membership- $29 per year

If they don’t already have one, a Good Sam Club membership offers fuel discounts, merchandise discounts, and camping discounts.

Family Motor Coach Association Membership

According to its website, the FMCA is the world’s largest member-owned, non-profit RV travel club. Members receive discounts and can attend RV rallies and meetings. Annual membership is only $85 and is open to owners of all types of RVs.

RV Gift Basket

Another great idea for a unique RV Gift is to create an RV gift basket. You can include an RV coffee mug, wine glasses, a picture frame or even make one each for Mom and Dad with RV gadgets just for them!

RV Gift Cards

If you are not sure which gift to pick for your RV friends, giving a Visa or Amazon gift card will always be appreciated.

That’s it for our list of 55 of the Best RV Gifts for RV Owners- 2020.

Hopefully, you have gotten lots of great gift ideas for the RV Owners you know!

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