14 Valentines Day Gifts Every RVer Would Love To Receive

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to buy your RV honey a special gift that they will use year-round. We made this list of 14 things that we love and have, or have on our wish list for our Class A RV.

All of these items can be easily purchased on Amazon and should arrive in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Amazon Echo Show with Alexa

Our number one recommendation for a great Valentine’s Day gift is an Alexa device. We use ours for everything including alarms, reminders, to-do lists, weather, turning on lights and even reading recipes to me.

New features are always being added, and now you can turn the microphone and camera off by just pressing a button. You can get them in different sizes and can use them both inside and outside your RV (we use our outside one for TV and stereo control).

2. Nixplay Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame – Share Moments Instantly via E-Mail or App

We love our digital photo frame. Watching as the frame scrolls through the pictures of our adventures is mesmerizing for us and brings back lots of fun memories! Digital photo frames have come a long way and the Nixplay is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller for many good reasons.

With the Nixplay, you set up a private account that lets you upload and share pictures and videos of your RV adventures with friends and family no matter where you are. Plus, you can let them upload their own pictures to your account so that they display on your photo frame – a great way to keep up with the grandkids! It has its own email address, so it’s easy to keep your photos current.

The Nixplay app lets you control your frame with your phone and works with iOS or Android. It’s a nice compact size that you can put on a shelf in your RV (don’t forget to stick it down with Museum Putty to keep it in place while driving), or it can be wall-mounted (we used Command Strips for ours).

One of the best features is that it works with Alexa so you can change playlists easily. It adjusts to portrait or landscape and will rotate the pictures to fit the frame. The motion detection feature is a great idea, so the display doesn’t stay on all the time and you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off. If you want you can choose how many pictures are shown so that only more recent photos are displayed.

Photos are loaded through WiFi, so you will need to have internet access when setting it up. If you get it before Valentine’s Day, you can load it up with pictures to surprise your honey when they open it!

The Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame comes with a free Standard Account that gives you 10 GB of video and picture storage that you can share with up to 5 photo frames, and unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, and emailed photos. If you need more storage, you can get up to 30 GB shared with up to 10 frames for only about $20 per year. Additional storage options are available.

Museum Putty– We’ve used museum putty to hold things safely in place for years, so I was surprised at how many people haven’t heard of it. Here’s the link to learn more-

Command Strips– We’re big fans of Command Strips, you can get them in any size you need and they don’t damage walls. If you need to hang something, chances are there’s a Command Strip that you can use. We keep a variety of them on our RV.

3. Portable Ice Maker – Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Makes 26 lbs of Ice in 24 Hrs!

We entertain a lot, and even though we have a residential refrigerator in our RV, it never seems to make enough ice. When one of our RV friends told us about these icemakers, I was pretty skeptical – ice in six minutes, really?! But after seeing theirs we were convinced and bought one ourselves.

It does make ice in about 6 minutes, is quiet, and is completely self-contained. It’s pretty small at about 9x12x12.6, so it can fit it pretty easily on your countertop or anywhere you have extra space and a power outlet (we keep ours outside in a basement so we’ve always got ice outside).

What’s cool about it is that you just add water and it makes ice and recycles it as it melts so the bin is always full until you empty it. There’s no plumbing or water hookup required and it’s easy to fill and clean.

4. Tile Mate Tracker – Locate Missing Keys, Phones, or Wallets Easily

If you are always misplacing things as we do, these cool little gadgets may be just what you need. It’s a pretty cool idea, just attach these small tiles or stickers to whatever you want to keep track of, and load the app onto your phone. Your phone monitors where the tiles are and when you tell it to locate the object, it either connects via Bluetooth to show you a map or plays a sound to help you find it. You can also have the tile ring your phone even if it’s in silent mode, so no more searching everywhere for your phone!

It also works with Alexa or Google Assistant and has a 200-foot range, replaceable batteries, and is water-resistant.

5. Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker with Pod Storage

This is a great single-cup coffee maker. It comes in 4 different colors to match your RV kitchen, and the small size fits just about anywhere. The new version has storage in the back of the unit that holds 9 K-Cup Pods.

It can accommodate a mug up to 7” tall and has a removable drip tray that can hold a full accidental brew, so no mess all over the counter!

6. Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Controlled Portable Wood Pellet Grill

This is on our wish list and will be our next coach gift. Pellet grills cook hotter with temperature ranges of 150-550, and this one has a thermal sensor that constantly monitors grill temperature. It comes with a digital WiFi controller that you monitor through an iOS or Android app, a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up racks, and a side tray with utensil hooks.

It’s small enough to fit in a basement at 12.5×18 inches and can run off 110V or 12V with adapters for 3 power options.

7. Blackstone Tabletop Grill – 22 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

Our friends just got this tabletop gas grill with a griddle and absolutely love it. It has 2 adjustable heat zones, a grease channel that pulls grease away from food and uses the small 1 pound propane gas bottles or you can get an adapter to work off of your larger propane tanks.

8. Ivation 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

If there’s one thing we missed, it was a wine cooler and this one is highly rated on Amazon. It’s only 9.9″ wide, 17.7″ front to back, and 31″ in height and can fit easily next to our dining table.

It’s a nice design and has a temperature range of 41-64 degrees F (10-18C). They do warn not to store it outside since extreme temperature differences outside can make it cycle too often and shorten its lifespan.

9. Instant Pot

I use my Instant Pot probably once per week. With all the different things it can do, it eliminates the need for multiple bulky appliances. There are many different models to choose from, but I found the basic 6-quart one worked fine for us.

Every RVer we know has one.

10. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

Wireless cameras have come a long way and this 2 pack has night vision, 2-way audio and works with Alexa and Google Assistant right through your smartphone. It records a 12-second event video when it detects motion or sound, so you can keep an eye on your RV, both inside and out) when you aren’t there. They are not weatherproof though, so you will have to mount it inside on your dashboard to face outside.

11. Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Inferno Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Fire pits continue to be one of the most wished-for gifts. This fire pit uses wood pellets, not firewood, and the low moisture content results in a cleaner burn. It doesn’t smoke or throw sparks and leaves less ash than firewood. Wood pellets can also be transported across state lines and can normally be used in no burn zones. It’s compact at only 19”x19”x16.25” and the bottom nests into the top for easy storage.

12. ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair

We bought two of these chairs on the advice of a fellow RVer and absolutely love them. They’re extremely comfortable, lightweight, have a little folding table attached, and have lots of side pockets to hold just about anything.

They come in 9 different colors to match your RV, and you can even have the back of them embroidered with your RV name. The lifetime guarantee also sold us and we highly recommend them.

13. iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

If you have pets in your RV as we do, you’ve probably got lots of pet hair. We have a central vacuum, but it’s great having this little robot vacuum clean on a daily basis. There are different models available but this one is self-emptying, is good for pet hair and works on carpet or hard floors, is Wi-Fi connected, does Smart Mapping, and works with Alexa.

I never thought I would appreciate our robot vacuum as much as I do, but we run ours every day when we leave the coach.

14. Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver and ELMCHEE Rechargeable headlamp

These are two things we use very often and since we misplaced the headlamp recently (too bad I didn’t have a Tile Mate Tracker on it!), I really wanted to include them. The cordless screwdriver that folds is very handy, but you would be surprised at how useful the headlamp is too.

The Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver comes in a nice carrying case with 82 accessories, a charger, and is powerful at 8V.

It’s not easy to hold a flashlight and use the screwdriver, but the headlamp makes it simple. Also, if you are at dark campsites and need to go outside, the headlamp is great to illuminate your path and make you visible to others.

The Elmchee headlamp gets lots of great reviews and it’s very inexpensive. If you do take our advice and buy a headlamp, make sure you get one that is well-padded, otherwise, you will give yourself a headache wearing it.

That’s it for our list of 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts Every RVer Would Love. We hope you found something special for your Valentine!

One last bit of advice, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member you may want to consider it. We have orders shipping all over the country wherever we are and it always ships free, generally the next day.

Here’s a link to a free trial:

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